We Stand with Ukraine and Against Russian Aggression

We Stand with Ukraine and Against Russian Aggression

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It is painful and devastating for us at Doroga Media to watch as Putin's senseless, aggressive war in Ukraine destroys both Ukraine and Russia.

It's all very personal. Katya and Jenny have lived and worked in St. Petersburg and have family, friends and colleagues in both Russia and Ukraine. We've travelled through Ukraine and have been to many of the places that are being destroyed. We are connecting with people in both Russia and Ukraine and feel distraught for what Russia's tyrannical leader has wrought this time, the latest of his devastations.

Katya and I first started in visual media production by capturing the popular uprising against Vladimir Putin that was really in full swing in 2011, focused on calling for him to step down and not to seek an unconstitutional next term in office. It was an exciting, hopeful time, and we captured photo and video at dozens of marches and rallies.

We were also witness to and worked to document the crackdown that followed, when Putin put in place a series of laws that made participation in unpermitted political actions punishable by huge fines and potentially serious jail time.

It became unbearably costly to call out Putin as the leader of a band of “crooks and thieves” that were controlling and impoverishing ordinary citizens, and the uprising was quashed.

Following on the heels of that came the invasion of Crimea. Political dissidents fled to neighboring countries, were jailed or killed. Who could have imagined what all that was leading to.

From our point of view, it is essential to understand that Putin is not only at war with Ukraine and the West, but also with the Russian people themselves. His actions have driven out foreign products and investment, devalued the currency, silenced debate and dissent, shut down internet sites and social media, kept free press from operating, and flooded the country with propaganda. Putin is destroying not only Ukraine but also Russia.

All the world must stand with Ukraine and against Putin, and our hearts are with you all from this great distance.

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