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We love food, and love to show it being prepared and served by professionals.

Our favorite photographs from a family reunion on the beach in York, Maine.

Family portraits and candid shots that capture action and the interactions among people are among our specialties!

Candid engagement photography is part of Katya's portfolio in capturing families and families-to-be.

Kids have an engaging, experimental experience thinking about art, play and spirituality at Spirit Camp. Founder Eva Goulette is an inspirational leader and practitioner with young children.

Goats led her to the trees, where she found her life's work. 

It's been a while since Katya and I did any documentary work, though we are looking to focus more on that aspect of Doroga Media in the coming months. So instead of introducing new material, I wanted to highlight some of our older stuff, which I still like and think is interesting for the time period, if not relevant for today.

Katya recently replied to a request for proposal to a humanitarian organization that is in search of a photographer, and I think the resulting professional statement and photos are worth sharing more broadly.

Sustainable agriculture must swamp its industrial alter-ego in the coming decade, if we stand a chance of feeding the world while stopping the so-far ongoing destruction of Earth's life support systems. A flood of new farmers is required, and DM is engaged in a longterm effort to document the movement and give farmers access to quality storytelling at an affordable price.

A look at the advancing industrialization of the Arctic amid climate change: in 2012, the Russian Arctic was experiencing a surge of activity as the ice across the far north dramatically declined.

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