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This story rewinds to the protests against Putin that began in December 2011, when authorities allowed them to proceed mostly uninhibited for several months. Then came the crackdown everyone was waiting for.

We set out to tell the story of a set of so-called national security laws that were rushed through parliament in the Summer of 2012. They were clearly aimed at restricting the organization of public protests against the regime of President Vladimir Putin and the dissemination of information on the Internet. We interviewed people in support of the laws and the activists being targeted by them.

From our original description:

"Everyone has the right to choose"

This film explores a restrictive new legal framework put in place this summer that will allow the government to crack down on activists, in reaction to a rise of political activity against Vladimir Putin that began in December.

A new wave of protests is expected in the fall, and how the new laws play out in courts and on the streets will help determine the future of democracy in Russia.

Film features footage of demonstrations, reaction of activists and experts, and an overview of the laws.


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