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Katya recently replied to a request for proposals to a humanitarian organization that is in search of a photographer, and I think the resulting professional statement and photos are worth sharing more broadly.

Professional Statement

My vision for my work includes consideration for the goals of the client, as well as a perceptive visual and aesthetic eye for composition within the entire camera frame. My background and training is in documentary photojournalism, and as such, my photographic approach is focused on people and their emotions in the context of their surroundings.


I have chosen the following photographs from my previous work to exemplify a style that is "candid, emotionally evocative, artistically adventurous, and visually arresting." Along with those characteristics, I think these photographs also convey ideas and concepts such as "community, discovery, curiosity, questioning," as well as camaraderie, curiosity, exploration and learning.

Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts

I have worked with Watershed over the past year to shoot their major annual fundraiser, Salad Days, as well as other events and candid shots of workshops and attendees for their use on social media and in advertising.


Dandelion Spring Farm

Documenting and promoting sustainable agriculture and the economy and community within and surrounding it is a fundamental part of my work and that of my company, Doroga Media. I have just begun documenting what I see as a wealth of stories that are deeply compelling in idea, sight and sound.



A project close to my heart is the documentation of Svetlana, a farm outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. A team of organizers, volunteers and people with developmental disabilities work together to run a thriving biodynamic farm in the tradition of Rudolf Steiner's Camp Hill.



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