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  • Classic Maine Wedding by the Sea

    A wedding by the sea is a dream for many, and perfect weather blessed this day for Ashlee and Agustin.

  • Food Photography with Sauce

    We love food, and love to show it being prepared and served by professionals.

  • Life on the Farm - a document

    Sustainable agriculture must swamp its industrial alter-ego in the coming decade, if we stand a chance of feeding the world while stopping the so-far ongoing destruction of Earth's life support systems. A flood of new farmers is required, and DM is engaged in a longterm effort to document the movement and give farmers access to quality storytelling at an affordable price.

  • March for Food Freedom in Portland

    Portland, ME Anti-GMO March

    The Green Initiatives Education Fund, Food and Water Watch, Food for Maine's Future, the Organic Consumers Association and Food Not Bombs organized a rally on the streets of Portland against Monsanto and harmful GMO products.