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  • Goat Lady

    Goats led her to the trees, where she found her life's work. 

  • Environment Maine Awards Rep. Pingree

    Environment Maine awarded Rep. Chellie Pingree with its first-ever Environmental Champion Award. Katya covered the press conference for Environment Maine.

  • Revisiting Our Russian Documentary Work

    It's been a while since Katya and I did any documentary work, though we are looking to focus more on that aspect of Doroga Media in the coming months. So instead of introducing new material, I wanted to highlight some of our older stuff, which I still like and think is interesting for the time period, if not relevant for today.

  • Murmansk: Arctic Thaw, Industrial Heat

    A look at the advancing industrialization of the Arctic amid climate change: in 2012, the Russian Arctic was experiencing a surge of activity as the ice across the far north dramatically declined.