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  • Revisiting Our Russian Documentary Work

    It's been a while since Katya and I did any documentary work, though we are looking to focus more on that aspect of Doroga Media in the coming months. So instead of introducing new material, I wanted to highlight some of our older stuff, which I still like and think is interesting for the time period, if not relevant for today.

  • Life on the Farm - a document

    Sustainable agriculture must swamp its industrial alter-ego in the coming decade, if we stand a chance of feeding the world while stopping the so-far ongoing destruction of Earth's life support systems. A flood of new farmers is required, and DM is engaged in a longterm effort to document the movement and give farmers access to quality storytelling at an affordable price.

  • Murmansk: Arctic Thaw, Industrial Heat

    A look at the advancing industrialization of the Arctic amid climate change: in 2012, the Russian Arctic was experiencing a surge of activity as the ice across the far north dramatically declined.

  • March for Food Freedom in Portland

    Portland, ME Anti-GMO March

    The Green Initiatives Education Fund, Food and Water Watch, Food for Maine's Future, the Organic Consumers Association and Food Not Bombs organized a rally on the streets of Portland against Monsanto and harmful GMO products.

  • Crackdown

    Rewind to the protests against Putin that began in December 2011: authorities allowed them to proceed mostly uninhibited for several months. Then came the crackdown everyone was waiting for.

  • Ice Cold: Traditional Bathing on the Epiphany

    Long lines of people waited in freezing temperatures of -20 C (-6 F) for the chance to strip down and jump into a hole cut through the ice, on the traditional holiday of Epiphany.

  • For Fair Elections

    Shot at the end of 2011 through the beginning of 2012, this short film captures the protests that erupted against the regime of President Vladimir Putin following the falsification of votes of a parliamentary election and in anticipation of the presidential election.

  • For Bread and the Love of Music

    We met Liudmila Fedorovna near the Ploshad Vosstaniya metro station, where she was performing during rush hour for people hurrying by.

  • Svetlana - a unique village

    The polite phrase in Russian for people with developmental disabilities is directly translated as "people with limited possibilities." But what possibilities are actually limited for such people? This series of photographs aims to challenge the notion of inherent limitation by showing that people with disabilities are living deep, full lives with rich experiences.

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