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We cut this romantic clip highlighting the couple's passion

This couple had a lighthearted, fun and easy going relationship, and this fast-paced and at times humorous clip is how we represented this happy couple.

Sasha and Masha wanted a fun, energetic, sexy clip with a unique story, and they loved the product from our shoot.

Leonid and Olga planned a wedding on a color theme, and requested a colorful highlight clip to showcase their big day.

Get a quick overview of some of our shots from recent wedding videos in this gallery of video screenshots.

We were pleased to film the launch of the Maine Future Caucus at the Maine State House in Augusta.

This video gives an overview of author Sandra Neily describing her new book, Deadly Trespass, and the support for conservation of Maine's woods that is woven into the story.

 We visited people involved in various programs at CCFC and created a narration for the director to read from a teleprompter for this overview video.

The light was just right to show off all the chrome at Whited Peterbilt in Bangor.

Irving Oil holds 5 annual Employee Appreciation Luncheons each year, and we photographed candid and posed photos for the events in Maine and New Hampshire.

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