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Visit the Maine shoreline for a moment in this example of a "First Look" in a full feature film. 

Angela & Adam were married in the fall of 2016.

An example of a full length wedding film we cut comes from the gorgeous setting of Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire. 

Here is an example of a full length wedding film we cut. This is the reception part of the celebration.

This is the reception excerpt from the full length wedding film we cut from a beautiful wedding on a Maine farm.

This film is an example of a complete, uncut ceremony 

This couple held their outdoor wedding in a beautiful setting on a lake.

On very special occasions, Katya does wedding photography. She shot a wedding on the top of Camden Hills, a lovely setting and a beautiful day for the intimate celebration.

A wedding by the sea is a dream for many, and perfect weather blessed this day for Ashlee and Agustin.

Our first wedding in Portland! We love that town, and what a great start to what we hope will be many more occasions to shoot couples, friends and family in their finest hours.

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